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At Conhpol, we understand that true elegance knows no compromises. That’s why every season, we devote a lot of attention to preparing new, unique footwear collections that will delight our customers. Our passion for design and attention to every detail make our shoes not just footwear – they are true works of art that will add class to any outfit.

Ręcznie wykańczane zielone monki - Conhpol


Spring-Summer 2024 Collection

The Spring-Summer 2024 collection from Conhpol is a fusion of style, quality, and comfort. Whether you are a man or a woman, you will find something for yourself here.

The range includes both men’s and women’s footwear that meets the highest standards in the world of fashion and comfort.


The Shoemaker Collection

The collaboration between Conhpol and The Shoemaker is a fascinating fusion of tradition and modernity.

It’s the convergence of two worlds that, at first glance, may seem very distant from each other. However, this extraordinary synergy aims to provide customers with something truly exceptional.

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